Risk Mitigation for IT Asset Disposal White Paper


  • Our Commitment to Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

    In this constantly-evolving worldwide network, it is essential for people to know how to use computers if they want to further their education and go on to earn a living wage. DMD Systems Recovery contributes to this cause by offering our customers the opportunity to donate their used IT equipment as well as donating a portion of our owned inventory. We then refurbish the computers and give them to various…

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  • How DMD Protects the Environment (and You!)

    We believe that sustaining a business and protecting the planet are not conflicting goals. In fact, it would benefit businesses to understand how much they can save in the long run if they take the steps to change their habits, product choices, and building elements to reduce their carbon footprint. Of course, sustainability isn’t all about saving money or promotional gimmickry. DMD is dedicated to creating and maintaining an ever-evolving…

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  • DMD Achieves NAID Certification

    Why do companies get industry certifications?  The same reason people go to college and get degrees.  The first is to learn something and the second to signal to the world that you are capable in areas that are not easily verifiable.  This is why DMD took the step from NAID membership to certification. When you look at our industry the most important items are 1- Data Security 2- Environmental Sustainability…

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  • Closing the security gaps in Hardware Disposal

    How much money does your company spend on Cyber Security each year?  I am guessing it’s a lot.  Probably not as much as the US Government, which is projected to spend $16B – yes with a “B” – on Cyber Security in 2016.  This is clearly an extremely important area of focus to garner so much investment and attention.  Companies are always working to strengthening their firewall, driving more secure…

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