Your ITAD Provider: Certified or Only Implied?

How well do you know your ITAD provider? How well do you know ITAD industry specific certifications? There are a variety of certifications that IT Asset Disposition providers can earn, as well as implied certifications that do not require companies to meet the necessary criteria to hold an official certification.

Independent organizations that provide certification to companies provide logos to use as marketing. The use of those accreditation logos immediately implies that an entity is certified, which is not always to case. Some standards only require an annual fee and the promise of the standards goals to obtain the logos and marketing materials.

When searching for an IT asset re-marketing specialist, IT asset disposition provider or any other service provider for your end of life IT assets, ask questions. Request copies of the actual certifications. Ensure that commitments to security, safety and environmental integrity are accurately reflected by real, credible certifications and not just a piece of clip art and a potentially empty promise.

The appropriate certifications held by your IT service providers provide assurances that your data is securely destroyed, ethically disposed of and that strong environmental standards are upheld. Without those assurances, companies can be left open to fines, litigation and a PR nightmare that can irreparably tarnish reputations.

DMD Systems Recovery Inc. holds a multitude of certifications to demonstrate our commitment to safe and secure data destruction, quality management, environmental integrity, human safety and a zero-landfill policy for all assets that arrive at the DMD facility.