Data Center Decommission

DMD Systems Recovery Inc. recently facilitated a data center decommission for an enterprise customer, reminding us all the importance of safe, secure, and reliable data center services even in light of current events. Data centers are the heart of most companies’ IT infrastructure and require an abundance of detailed care, especially for decommissioning and refreshing.

During data center decommission, companies are inevitably going to bring more individuals into the facility than it normally would. This is not a fact to take lightly, which is where companies like DMD Systems help. DMD Systems carefully vets and performs background checks on all employees and contractors, ensuring there are no individuals who would pose a risk to security or integrity.

Finding providers for any data destruction or decommission project that maintain the appropriate credentials and certifications for your project will provide you with peace of mind and is paramount. R2 certification provides assurance that your assets are not only decommissioned appropriately but that none of the assets are improperly disposed of. Unsafe disposal of IT assets can leave companies open for litigation and PR issues relating to environmental damages. NAID certification is also extremely important when seeking a professional IT provider to handle your retiring assets to ensure the data is handled properly and destroyed in the most effective and secure manner possible.

Any reputable ITAD provider offering these types of services should also include extensive documentation. At DMD Systems, customized reporting is available to all customers in addition to the industry standards. DMD Systems provides documentation showing audit reporting, lot specific mass balance, COD, COR, COS, audit reporting and hard drive sanitization certificates.

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