Data security

It is estimated that 40 exabytes (4.0*10^19) of unique information will be generated this year. Keeping such an enormous amount of data secure is becoming increasingly more difficult, and a lapse in data security can cost millions and permanently damage a company’s reputation. At DMD we take pride in knowing that our customers have entrusted us with their critical data, and we have rigorous checks in place to ensure that all storage media we process complies with strict data destruction guidelines. You can rest assured that protection of your data is our number one priority when engaging in hard drive destruction and the disposal of other electronic equipment with sensitive information.

DMD’s data erasure software provides complete compliance for a wide range of industries including health care, financial, IT, government, and more. Our software is certified as compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-18, and 800-88, as well as meeting the Department of Defense (DOD) 8550-22-M three-pass standard.

DMD knows that if you cannot prove a process is secure, it isn’t. That’s why we keep meticulous records and log files for every system that we process. We also maintain a detailed data security repository for auditing. We perform regular audits of our data destruction process to ensure that every device that passes through our system is 100% free of customer data. In the event that any media does not pass its initial wipe, it is removed from the system, and immediately destroyed via mechanical means (i.e. crushing or shredding). A full chain-of-custody is maintained from our customer’s site, to our loading dock, and all the way through the data destruction process. Every step of the computer and hard drive destruction process meets the necessary guidelines for data destruction.