Data destruction process

Our data security procedures have evolved from our experience over the last 20 years in the IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) industry. During that time, DMD has never experienced a data security breach. At DMD, we know that data security best practices encompass far more than just erasing or destroying hard drives; they must be integrated into the entire ITAD process.

What is data destruction

Data destruction is the process of removing and destroying data from various forms of media (hard drives, tapes, etc.) The ITAD industry has standards designed to ensure data is wiped when equipment is refurbished and resold, and, if it is disposed of, it is done so in an environmentally friendly way. These standards include securing data, tracking assets and documenting every stage of the disposal or reselling process.

When performing data destruction it is imperative that data destruction software is used to overwrite any available space on the media drive. This ensures that the sensitive information cannot be recovered after drive decommissioning.

Our disposal and destruction policy

DMD is fully-equipped to handle data erasure from even the largest enterprise or network mass storage systems. In addition to these devices, DMD also understands the complexities of the often times overlooked data contained on peripheral devices including fax machines, copiers, printers, routers, switches, network appliances, tablets, and smartphones. We have comprehensive procedures for every type of data-containing device that comes through our processing facility.

Our data security process actually begins at the customers’ site. A full Chain-of-Custody is maintained from our customers’ site, to our loading dock, and all the way through the data destruction process. Our locked and secured facility is under state-of-the-art video and security surveillance 24/7/365. We also perform regular audits of our data destruction process to ensure that every device that passes through our system is 100% free of customer data. In the event that any media does not pass its initial wipe, it is removed from the system, and immediately destroyed via mechanical means (i.e. crushing or shredding).