DMD Achieves NAID Certification

Why do companies get industry certifications?  The same reason people go to college and get degrees.  The first is to learn something and the second to signal to the world that you are capable in areas that are not easily verifiable.  This is why DMD took the step from NAID membership to certification.

When you look at our industry the most important items are

  • 1- Data Security
  • 2- Environmental Sustainability
  • 3- Economics

Data Security

This is the single most important aspect of our industry.  The cost of a data breach is huge – both to the immediate bottom line (fines, clean-up costs) and long term bottom line (brand image, lost business).  How would you determine the quality level of a potential vendor for IT asset destruction?  It really isn’t your primary business and you are probably not an expert in evaluating security risk.  The best way is to reach out to an expert and ask their opinion on a particular company.  That is exactly the service that NAID provides.  They have done the legwork of ensuring a vendor meets a certain standard.  Its certification is the most accepted and recognized data destruction certification in the world.  Beyond certifying organizations, NAID is also a wonderful resource for best practices which enables its members to get even better at what they do.

Environmental Sustainability

While everybody believes working to minimize the impact on the environment is good, everybody also has a job to do which inherently uses natural resources (consider how you got to work today).  The goal is to balance these two competing forces to get the best outcome. The balance DMD strives for is to keep all electronics out of a landfill with the primary goal being to reuse them and secondary option is recycling.  This generates economic value in two ways.  The first is very tangible as selling used electronics for reuse in applications not as technically demanding generates dollars.  The second is not becoming a poster child for an environmental NGO like some major corporations did recently when their equipment showed up on a developing nation poisoning the local population because it was thrown in a landfill.  Again – a vendor’s environmental sustainability practices are difficult to verify and reaching out to an expert would certainly save time and energy.  Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SEI) is an organization that was developed to provide exactly this kind of verification.  Their R2 certification requires that no electronics end up in landfills anywhere in the world.  They also serve as a resource to their member companies to provide best practices.  This is why DMD chose SERI as our verification partner.


Certifications are not needed for this factor – because it is verifiable and you are an expert in managing costs and getting value for used items.  You can let others do the really hard work of verifying which vendors will handle data destruction and environmental sustainability responsibly allowing you to focus on the economics while sleeping easy that the two most important items will not come back to bite you.

In summary this is why DMD feels getting its NAID certification was so important.  When combined with our existing R2 certification we are communicating to the world that we are following the best practices in Data Destruction and Environmental Sustainability in the industry.  When you combine this with out 20+ years in the industry meaning we have offered fair economics to our customers, DMD has all three of the criteria covered.