Value recovery

Constant advances in technology render devices obsolete within a few short years. Quick action is required to capture the remaining value of retired technology assets. Remarketing used equipment maximizes ROI while minimizing environmental impact. At DMD, we have well-developed, worldwide sales channels for IT equipment, ranging from computers to high-end data center equipment. DMD only directs equipment to fully vetted buyers with established specialties and responsible supply chains.

Since 1994, DMD has built a database of hundreds of customers, which means we can find the right customer for your equipment. When assessing the resale potential of an asset, we consider the age, specification, functionality, and cosmetic appearance of the asset, in accordance with the disposition preferences of our clients.

We have a variety of asset recovery options to meet the needs of our customers; from resale and refurbishment to certified destruction. Our project managers work with our customers to ensure the best solution for their organizations’ objectives, finding the perfect balance of risk elimination while maximizing the value of their IT assets.