Our Commitment to Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

In this constantly-evolving worldwide network, it is essential for people to know how to use computers if they want to further their education and go on to earn a living wage. DMD Systems Recovery contributes to this cause by offering our customers the opportunity to donate their used IT equipment as well as donating a portion of our owned inventory. We then refurbish the computers and give them to various organizations. For one of these organizations, the Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation, which facilitates exchange volunteer programs in Mexico, our clients’ donations created a computer lab at Colegio Anais School in Agua Prieta, Mexico where students can learn how to use computers and the Internet, allowing them access to the worldwide network of information and education. We also installed a WiFi network that covers the entire neighborhood, allowing easier access to the Internet and allowing children who use the computer labs to teach their parents skills at home.


DMD regularly contributes to community organizations in and around Phoenix, Arizona. A few other non-profits who have been grateful recipients are:

  • Student Expedition PROGRAM (STEP), which helps low-income high school students prepare for college and gain leadership skills through a 3-week leadership expedition in Alaska. Over the past 2 years, 100% of their students have gone directly to college.
  • ACLAMO Family Centers, which is a non-profit that provides low-income Latino children and families with resources such as ESL classes, employment skills, afterschool programs, and Health Literacy classes. We donated refurbished computers and LCD monitors to ACLAMO, and members of our team went on-site to setup the computers and train users on the basics.
  • Students Recycling Used Technology (STRUT) collects and refurbishes computers and distributes them to Arizona public schools and non-profits.

Aside from our charitable donations, we are committed to providing our services in a way that prevents damage to the environment, along with protecting the health of our employees, clients, and the community. The computer donations are essential in this mission, as each computer donated saves the precious resources used to create the computer from being tossed into a landfill. More information about our environmental commitment can be found in our environmental policy.


Why We Do It

At DMD, we believe it’s the responsibility of every organization to give back to the community whether it’s through volunteer work, monetary donations, or donations of retired assets. We make a conscious choice of which charities and organizations to give to based on our values and the needs of the public.

Every business is a part of a larger community. Every community has organizations whose survival depends on the generous donations of others in order to continue to serve their population. We believe that being a part of a community comes with the responsibility to reach out to our neighbors and offer them essential resources so that the everyone has the chance to thrive.

More information about the computer lab in Mexico can be found on our social responsibility page.