Redeployment – Saving Money and the Environment


Redeploying an idle computer, tablet, or mobile device to another part of your organization is often the most productive and cost-effective use for the asset. Asset redeployment is a strategic relocation of underutilized assets to an area where there is a greater need and is a function often used when companies are working to reduce waste and increase return on investment. Redeployment reduces the need to go through the procurement process to purchase new assets while still providing your employees with what they need, specific to their job function.

DMD Systems Recovery Inc. is experienced in IT asset redeployment and is able to destroy data from the previous user, assess an assets functionality, audit an asset for performance and physically sanitize the asset before sending it back to a company or user for redeployment.

Users who are unsure if their assets are suitable for redeployment can have their options provided to them by DMD Systems to ensure they are making a smart and cost-effective decision. For assets that are not able suitable for redeployment, DMD Systems offers recycling and refurbishing options to best meet your needs while remaining committed to secure data destruction and environmental sustainability.

redeployment lifecycle