What is ITAD?

ITAD is an acronym for “IT Asset Disposition”. The most basic way to think of this is that an ITAD provider is where companies send unwanted or obsolete electronics. While that is the simplest way to think of this process, there is more to ITAD than one would initially think. ITAD is a complex system of services that are not always associated with the thought of disposing electronics.

The basis for safe and secure ITAD services is data destruction. Ensuring that data bearing devices are handled appropriately alleviates risk that users and companies are exposed to. Such risks include, but are not limited to, HIPPA violations, revenue loss, irreparable damage to reputations and loss of intellectual property. While there are thousands of companies who can provide IT asset data destruction, only a fraction of those are able to provide it in a safe and secure manner with the certifications and credentials to prove ability and efficacy while still mitigating the associated risk.

There is more to ITAD than only data destruction. Without a provider that responsibly disposes of assets a company can be exposed to risks such as litigation, substantial fines, and irreversible brand damage. Ensuring that retired IT assets are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner is of the upmost importance. Finding an ITAD provider who recycles electronics and components can be a simple process when an ITAD provider holds the accreditation’s to prove their environmental commitment. For example, DMD Systems consistently holds R2 certification to demonstrate this lasting commitment to environmental integrity while holding firm to a strict zero-landfill policy.

An additional service that can often be available to consumers is re-marketing. Re-marketing can help to offset the cost of ITAD services to customers while furthering the environmental commitment of a company. DMD Systems also offers employee buyback programs, as well as charitable donation programs to asset our customers with getting valuable IT assets to a non-profit of their choosing.

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